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Wed 19 Feb 2003

If you want a nice girl, go get a nice computer

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I was reading this article in STREATS about how if you want a nice girl (as in pretty, leggy), then go get a nice car. It went on to say how, if you have two guys who are equal in everything, the girl (and her parents) would go for the one who drives the nicer car, say a Beemer or Merc or, omigosh, a Porsche. The expensive car somehow promises wealth, status and all the finer things in life.

Now, you may just be wondering how all these have got to do with our beloved Macs.

For one thing, Macs have always been compared to BMWs - they're both well-engineered products that smack of good taste. And they're both expensive - kind of, in the case of Macs. But we all know how we Mac-heads somehow don't have it quite so good. Imagine the parents's reaction - "you mean, he can only find work in less than 2% of the companies here". No real wealth prospects there.

We all know people who will cast the Mac as being expensive and elitist, while yearning for a Beemer of any hue, even if they have to pawn everything in sight for it. You know, IT managers who wouldn't approve the purchase of Macs.

One would have thought that if you feed your mind properly, all the good things would eventually follow.

Therein lies the rub. It takes too long. But a really good mind will get you all the things you want in life, even if it takes longer. If people complain about how expensive a Mac is, they should remember just how much their mind is worth. Macs are small change compared to the car price increases.

A Mac running OSX is not your grandfather's Mac anymore. It can do everything in the business world better and more elegantly than a Windows machine can, at a lower cost, and you'll have more fun while doing it. This may be arguable before our hero Jobs came back; it's so much truer ever since Jaguar, with its tons of free, powerful, new-economy Unix-derived solutions. Get beyond feeling merely cool. It is now possible to crush your competition in business using Macs, which is the surest thing towards tilting the wealth prospects in your favour.

The stakes are high. Just imagine a pretty girl's eyes. Imagine how they light up when she discovers you're a Mac user.

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