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Thu 24 Apr 2003

A Weblog of My Own

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I finally had time to go through this weblog code. In the end, I re-wrote a large chunk of it - enough, I think, to call it my own.

I'm doing this because I'm going to release it (a weblog) as yet another feature one can turn on using Sendmail Enabler. And I thought I shouldn't foist it on people without knowing what it does in its entirety.

In fact, I had a bug from between 12 noon and 12 midnight where my permalinks (links to individual articles) were all screwed up. But that's fixed now.

I hope, through doing this (since the PHP code is there for all to read), that I can show how a system could be designed so that it will give a web page designer all the leeway to express his (or quite likely, her) creativity in the layout of the information content.

I think more and more enterprise systems will work across the web using the browser as the user interface. I've seen quite a lot of exciting web page layouts (not the Flash kinds but clean static pages) where the eyes are guided smoothly through the flow of the information.

If we can put this interface on top of data that is dynamically generated from the enterprise's databases, we may find we've found a better way to communicate business information clearly and concisely, and by several orders of magnitude.

Actually, I've seen quite a few Mac-based companies move their home page to a weblog format. A weblog is designed to be easily updated and most weblogs produce an RSS syndicate feed which the company can use to deliver press releases which are automatically aggregated by software like NetNewsWire. So it's quite a low-overhead way to get something meaningful done.

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