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Thu 19 Jun 2003


Category : Technology/fairport.txt

I got a NetGear wireless PC card for our Dell laptop today. It's a snap getting it to work. It recognises our Airport Extreme Base Station and (whoosh!) we're surfing the net on the Dell, no strings attached.

It's interesting what the guy at the PC shop said when I asked if the card's known to work with the Airport Base Station. He said, "Yes, but the PC can only surf out; it can't talk to the Mac and vice versa." I asked him what makes him so sure. He admitted he's never used a Mac. So I told him that, if it can surf out, it'll talk to the Mac. Now it's me who's sure.

In fact, that's what happened. Share a folder on the Mac and the PC can see it. Share a directory on the PC and the Mac can see it. It's the magic of OS X, which gets better and better all the time.

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