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Tue 06 Jan 2004

Postfix Enabler 1.0.7 Released

Category : Technology/PFE107Released.txt

Just released it, together with the Traditional Chinese localisation, contributed by Kuo Yuan-Fen. I would love to include a French version, if somebody would contribute the localisation. I know Stephane Lacroix, for one, would like that :


Please, translate in french the explications software on your site, because in France, we are a lot to try to use it, but as a lot of americain people who d'ont speak french, a lot of french people dont speak americain language. So you lose many customers in France. Use the Alliance Franaise to build the translate, there are nice et certzinly not expansive."

I would, if I could, but I don't earn enough from this to pay anyone to do it. I'll be happy if someone would volunteer, as Yuan-Fen did.

Also, just released the source code for the project. What if I get hit by a truck? as our users always like to say. The project will live on somewhere in somebody's Mac, in the 'Net, while I'll live on through the kid.

Here's my New Year's wish. Really. I wish all those guys who are so free with their put-downs at Version Tracker would go and write some code we could all use, for free, of course. We'll get a better machine to use, a lot sooner than if we only talk about it.

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