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Sun 27 Jun 2004

Moscone West

Category : Commentary/moscone.txt

Registration starts for WWDC at Moscone West.

And I've got a nice WWDC bag.

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Celebrate your gay life

Category : Commentary/sanfrancisco.txt

It's Gay Pride Day at San Francisco, held on the last Sunday in June. I missed this the last time I was here, so I made sure to look out for it. Keep a look out for their logo. If you didn't know, you would have thought Apple (or at least the old Apple) is the main sponsor for the event. (More pictures from the previous year's event.)

This is a great time to visit San Francisco. And jazz singer Jacqui Naylor has found a new fan.

(Look at that guy on stage on the right. He's translating the vocals for the people with hearing disabilities. Wonderful isn't it?)

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