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Sun 08 May 2005

Postfix Enabler for Tiger (1.1.2) - to be released

Category : Commentary/PFETigger1.1.2ToBeReleased.txt

SMTP authentication on the server, through the SASLDB database, broke in Tiger. I have a fix I will release in version 1.1.2, next week.

This is, I think, the last remaining service that needs to be restored to our Postfix Enabled-mail server, in our migration to Tiger.

I've concentrated, up to now, on getting the migration done - to help people get their old functionality back as soon as I can.

It's instructive to watch how Mac users jump towards new operating system upgrades with such cheerful willingness. A couple of falls, and off they go, even on their "live" business systems. What explains this optimism? ...

Tiger has new ways of doing the old things. I've got the old functionality back, sometimes using the old ways. The next few updates, I will try to conform to the new ways of doing things, as soon as I can understand how they work. Plus, a few new features that I had been wanting to do.

Postfix Enabler helps you set up the ultimate buzzword-compliant mail server. I've also learnt that there is another thing that it needs to be compliant with - case-sensitivity. There are a couple of people who had formatted their Mac using OS X Extended Journaled, with case-sensitivity on, like on Linux systems. The Mac, of course, is by default case-insensitive ... /etc/postfix is the same as /etc/Postfix. Postfix Enabler currently breaks on case-sensitive systems.

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All the World's a Web

Category : Commentary/PFETigerReview.txt

It's been a week since I released Postfix Enabler for Tiger. I was amazed that withing a minute of my updating the server, I had a sale! How did these people know?

The only thing I did was to mention it here. Plus, place a banner on top of the old Postfix Enabler for Panther page. And that was all that was needed to get the downloads going.

The web's a truly awesome phenomenon.

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Services running on this server, a Mac Mini running Mac OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks:

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