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Mon 09 May 2005

What has Escher got to do with this?

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There's a self-referential nature to this weblog, like in an MC Escher print:

On one hand, I write about the ideas that I have - about how a business could use technology to create the ultimate business machine. By the ultimate business machine, I mean a business whose processes have been so systematised - through the (judicious) use of technology - that its owners could spend their waking hours improving their products, and their sleeping hours collecting the money that flows back into it.

I've felt so strongly about these ideas that the only way I could express myself was to come out and do something about it.

Over the two years of writing this weblog, I've tried to show how the technology has become cheap, powerful, and flexible enough for even a small business to exploit them in a simple, un-cluttered, and business-centric way. And where I could, I have tried to build the tools that will hopefully, one day, work in concert to make such scenarios a reality - tools like a mail server enabler, a web server log monitor and an accounting system, etc...

Now that one of these tools (Postfix Enabler) has become good enough to be sold commercially, I've taken the opportunity to bring in the other elements (credit card processing, work flow and database integration) to show how even a home-based business could use consumer-level tools to achieve a degree of technical sophistication - one that will allow it to trade with the whole wide world.

So, while you're downloading and paying for Postfix Enabler, you should also get the notion that all these ideas can work. After all, you're seeing it in action. It's a demo. Yet it's also real.

Think Different may be more than a mantra. It could also make good business sense.

OK, so I'm re-writing this. I wasn't comfortable with the previous version. It was too self-congratulatory. That's tempting fate. A heartbreak's always round the corner. Blog writing is a performance art.

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