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Wed 08 Jun 2005

Never a Dull Moment

Category : Commentary/Macintels.txt

Macintels! This reminds me why I'm a Mac user. We never have a dull moment. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Ralph of Apfelgerchte asked me what I think. This is what I wrote :

"I think it's a good move because it's good that Apple has two chip suppliers, or even three, and the OS is processor-independent, so why not take advantage of it anyway. And I believe that it'll turn out to be transparent, at the end, to the end users because Apple's strength is, of course, that it has always taken responsibility for building the whole box and defining the user experience, and it'll be just another Mac even if it has Intel Inside, and we wouldn't even know unless we go and take a look. Of course, I'm speaking as a Cocoa programmer and I see mostly good and I'm looking forward to it."

While Apple's switching processor may not make much of difference to either IBM or Freescale (but they couldn't scale!), as they have been quick to report, or even to Intel, as some analysts have suggested because of "the tiny sliver of marketshare that Apple has", I'm thinking beyond the numbers. Of the Intel that believes "only the paranoid survive".

On the one end, we have a chip-maker that's proud of its ability to constantly innovate its way out of dead-ends (remember RISC vs CISC?). And on the other, we have a computer maker who'll drink the innovations like water from a fire hose. We live in interesting times.

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