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Mon 28 Nov 2005

Requiem for Georgie Best

Category : Commentary/requiem.txt

Dig the grave and let me lie
Glad did I live and gladly die

Remembering George Best. It was 1968, I think, or early 1969. I watched, on the black and white TV, Manchester United vs Benfica, and what looked like one of the Beatles, beating two defenders, rounding the 'keeper, and side-footing the ball into the empty net.

Amazing. The crowd went wild. My father said, "that's Georgie Best". I was hooked. That famous picture, of Best in the number 7 shirt, wheeling away, right arm raised to salute the crowd, was ingrained in my memory. Football became my favourite sport, and United my favourite team.

I shared the same birthday as George Best, May 22nd. I remember writing, as a kid, to a UK football magazine about that, and about my love for Man U - and got one pound £ in the mail as prize. (Could that have seeded a lifelong interest in making money from ideas?) Whatever, it's true - I love Man United as much as I love my Mac. My wife often says, she thinks she comes third, or even fourth, after that, behind the kid - especially on Saturday evenings when I go missing when United are playing.

So, goodbye, Georgie. Thanks for the memories. You are the Best.

"You can keep your Chopin, Sistene Chapel and Da Vinci sketches. If I want to see a real artist at work, I'll put on a video and watch George Best drop a shoulder as he rounds the Benfica goalkeeper in 1968."
- Harry's Place, Whom the Gods favour

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