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Tue 07 Feb 2006

DNS Enabler 2.0.6

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I've released DNS Enabler 2.0.6, with a new feature to save the configuration into a .dns file, and you can double-click on the config file to open it. It'll all work like a Mac application should, the amazingly omniscient "Open Recent" menu being implemented and it has its own document icon and all.

Being able to save and recall different sets of configurations, representing different scenarios, can make DNS Enabler a useful teaching tool. I've already made use of it to allow people to download the configurations that I'm using as examples on the DNS Enabler webpage. Plus it'll make it that much easier to move servers, by allowing the current configuration to be backed up.

I've also implemented another feature request - the ability to set up MX records for the secondary domains and not just for the primary domain. In the example below, acts as the mail server for not just the primary domain,, but also for and In the MX[xx]for.which.domain notation, if the domain name component is missing, the primary domain is implied.

The more I use Cocoa, the more I believe this is Apple's crown jewels. It's fun, it's powerful, and it's economical. You can try to be absolutely parsimonious about the amount of code you're willing to write and still be able to express quite intricate concepts.

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