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Thu 23 Feb 2006

DNS Enabler on Version Tracker

Category : Commentary/DNSEnablerOnVT.txt

I've put up DNS Enabler on Version Tracker, finally, because I thought it might help people who would need it but didn't know it exists.

But I've learnt not to expect much from the reviews. There'll evitably be the bad ones.

When I first announced Postfix Enabler on Version Tracker, I thought I'd be a hero. Little did I expect the reviews I did get, or at least the early ones. What was I smoking?

But I think DNS Enabler could be really useful. I've made it into the tool I wished I had when I was first learning to set up DNS.

I used MacDNS when I first needed to set up DNS. When that didn't work, I used QuickDNS Pro, which cost me $360, I think. I went through one feverish week figuring out how to make that work for my mail server - feverish because I was using a Mac server (AppleShare IP, then) in the midst of a Mac-hating IT organisation - another day more and the Mac would be thrown out. And I finally figured what I needed - reverse pointer records - but I had to create them manually. So, I've made DNS Enabler do it all.

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Sendmail Enabler lives on

Category : Commentary/SendmailEnablerStillLives.txt

Remember Sendmail Enabler? I'd almost forgotten.

There's a sudden resurgence of interest in it, from monitoring my WebMon log window.

I wonder why?

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