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Sun 26 Feb 2006

The Weekend Warrior? No, programmer.

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It turns out that Saturdays and Sundays are my most productive time of the week. That's when my wife brings out the kid and I'm left to concentrate on my work. I get a lot of programming done on weekends - often I'd tackle the hardest conceptual problems during that weekend slot.

So I've turned my world upside down. On weekdays, I often go with my wife to send the kid off to kindergarten. The other parents and teachers must be wondering why I don't have to go to work, like other dads do. Just the other day, one teacher couldn't help herself but had to ask - don't I have work to do?

Yes, but I enjoy having that long leisurely lunch with my wife. And to browse the library and Borders, before going back to pick up the kid again.

But I'm always thinking about my work - how to make it better and what I need to do next. It's just that I don't look like I'm working, even when I really am.

But this is the life. Life is too precious to be cooped up in an office, going through the motions. If I can just make this idea work - do good, make enough to feed the family, and make a little dent in the Universe...

I get most of my mail during the night, when the sun has moved over to the Western world. The quietest time of the day for me are the hours between one and six in the afternoon. If only there are more Mac users in China, India, and Africa. (You'd think, with billions of people in China and India, there should be a few more Mac users). Then I'd get business 24 hours a day.

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Upcoming Releases/Updates for end February 2006

Category : Commentary/upcomingEndFebReleases.txt

I've an update coming to MailServe and DNS Enabler early next week.

For MailServe, I have added an SSL option to the Fetchmail settings, as requested. Also, I've taken the chance to simplify the Keep/Fetchall/UIDL set of options since the settings for Fetchall and UIDL can be implied from the setting chosen for Keep - e.g., keep implies no fetchall (and uidl, if protocol is POP3), whereas no keep implies fetchall (and no uidl).

So that's two popup menus eliminated and one added, resulting in a net simplification of the interface.

Over to DNS Enabler. I've added the ability to set up multiple secondary (slave) name servers, as requested by Paul Sloan of the Westwind School Division, Canada.

I'll release these early next week on Monday or Tuesday, after I've done another test and checked through the localisations.

I've a couple of new localisations coming for Postfix Enabler. One is a Spanish localisation contributed by Pablo Rodriguez. The other is an attempt by Hai Hwee to do a Japanese localisation. Thanks to Makoto Imai for being willing to take a look at it and sending over his comments. Sorry, if we've tortured your language. We really need to get better at this. We'd really like to do Japanese translations of all our software. If you'd like to help us, please write to me. I'd love to hear from you.

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