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Sun 30 Jul 2006

Upcoming Updates

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I'm working on a couple of things. I'll be releasing a version of Luca Accounting soon that will work with MySQL. I just need to write the script that will allow the initial built-in SQLite data to be exported to MySQL.

If there's anybody who can't wait and want to try this out now, just let me know. It's still missing the concurrency handling that is needed for multi-user access (that's the next step), but this is going to make it possible for anyone to access his accounting data from anywhere in the world (if he so chooses), as well as make the database open to all sorts of custom integration.

The second thing I'm working on is this :

This is experimental. It's an extension to DNS Enabler that will allow the user to configure the DNS server so that it'll also broadcast Bonjour services (that the user has happened to have set up) so that they can be discovered, browsed, and accessed from the wide-area network (rather than on just the local network).

I may also add a couple more new features to the next DNS Enabler release that people have asked for (e.g., the ability to set the DNS server so that it doesn't do recursive lookups, and the ability to restrict the range of IP addresses that you allow lookups to be made from).

So, lots of things to do.

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