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Wed 25 Oct 2006

Luca 2.3.2 with PostgreSQL Support Released

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I've released Luca 2.3.2 with PostgreSQL support. There are also some minor bug fixes. I've promised some people that I'll do the Postgres version. So that's a promise kept.

A good way to try out PostgreSQL on OS X is via Marc Liyanage's very excellent installer.

The PostgreSQL documentation page provides a nice gentle introduction to SQL. I'm finding that, between the three - SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL - I'm using PostgreSQL more like the reference platform for standard SQL. I'm looking for a way to write code that is perfectly portable across the major SQL platforms. I'm encouraged, from this successful port to PostgreSQL (it took only five days), that this is in fact possible. This may point to a commoditising of the database layer, since these products become largely substitutable for one another. Let's see if this proves to be true.

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  • PostgreSQL database

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