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Thu 28 Dec 2006

East Asia-to-US Internet Chaos - An Update

Category : Commentary/ChaosAsia.txt

I had put notices on all my software download pages, about the intermittent Internet connections we are experiencing as a result of the damage caused by the Taiwan earthquake. Then I watched all the PayPal payments go through last night with no problems and so I thought everything was back to normal.

But, now that the sun is here (or at least I'm sure it is behind all those Monsoon rain clouds) and everybody from China to India is up, our connection with PayPal is acting flakey again. So I'm sure (and I'm checking) that it's due to some timing problems that are showing up now that more people jam the little bandwidth that the ISPs have been able to conjure while the data cables are being repaired.

The warning signs go up again.

Evening update : The payments are going through again. You can almost feel the herd stomping out of the offices and going home.

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