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Fri 26 Oct 2007

WebMon for Leopard

Category : Commentary/WebMonForLeopard.txt

Okay, I'm done with a version of WebMon for Leopard, as well.

It's been a long - sometimes discouraging - journey, getting all these applications to work again on Leopard because I often feel like I've been going over the same ground again and again. It has been so much work just to recover the same set of features.

But the ground has changed, underneath. There's much that we can now build on. I think I read somewhere Steve Jobs saying, this - Leopard - is the foundation for a decade of improvements and we will go on from here, polishing and improving the applications.

There's a lot I am looking forward to building, from here on.

With our son having begun his own journey through the (rather frightening) Singapore school system (my God, do we all think our kids are geniuses? I feel for the kids), a side-effect is that my wife and I getting more time to delve into our respective work. I love this work, so it's been a welcome change, and it's the kind of work where, beyond a certain stage, beyond a certain level of mastery, you feel like you can just do magic with your fingers, like a Druid. So, there's going to be more to come.

I'm now moving on to setting up the web pages for these new Leopard-ready versions. With any luck, I can get them done before the sun comes up again. Then I'll go to a shop and buy a retail copy of Leopard to test out. It's been a miscalculation, buying from the online store. So much for guaranteed delivery on the 26th.

I'm sustained by coffee and this amazing gamelan music by a (Japanese?) group called Jalan Jalan (Malay for going for a walk)- from the Bali and Bali Dua albums.

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Leopard ships but where's my copy?

Category : Commentary/LeopardShipsBut.txt

Question : Just looked at your blog and saw that there is a new version of your software but I am not sure where I can download it and buy it. Could you please provide a link or let us know if they will be available later today or tomorrow?

Answer : I haven't received my final version of Leopard yet to test it against. It was supposed to be, latest, an hour ago. I ordered from the online store for guaranteed delivery on the 26th October but it's now 9.30 pm and there's no sign of the delivery man. It's been quite a let-down - that's Apple at its worst. No call. Nothing, even though I called AppleStore to confirm that it'll be delivered on time this morning. I will put up the MailServe and DNS Enabler web pages in a day or two after I've managed to make a final test against the shipping version of Leopard. Believe me, you'll be glad I did.

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Leopard Ships

Category : Commentary/LeopardShips.txt

Any minute now, my copy of Leopard should be arriving at the door. I've just gotten MailServe and DNS Enabler for Leopard done, but I hadn't had much time to test the recent changes that I'd made to the applications to keep pace with the last developer release. And I can't quite believe there aren't going to be any further surprises with the final Leopard release.

I've still some way to go yet with WebMon and I have still to get all the web page documentation updated.

Plus, I've just sold my house and bought a shophouse that I'm planning to move to for the coming year. So it's going to make for a hectic final quarter of the year.

This is how MailServe for Leopard looks like :

and DNS Enabler for Leopard :

Got to get back to work now.

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