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Sat 27 Oct 2007

MailServe, WebMon and DNS Enabler for Leopard

Category : Technology/ForLeopard.txt

I think I'm ready to release them all now.

I've merged Postfix Enabler into MailServe so I'll just have that single product to support for Leopard.

So, MailServe for Leopard is at

DNS Enabler for Leopard is at


WebMon for Leopard is at

Thanks for waiting, all those who've been coming over here to check for their progress. I'll continue to work on them and on their documentation, but I'd better not hold you up any longer.

I've done as much testing as I could on them, with my friend Hai Hwee's help, who's now camped out at our home - we've tested it on Intel , PPC, admin user, non-admin user, SASLDB, smart host, SSL, no SSL, Fetchmail, you name it, she's tested it. But if anything can go wrong, it will, especially when real users get their hands on it. So I'll just keep the announcements to these pages, to keep the workload manageable, and let's see how well these versions hold up.

I hadn't had much sleep these last two or three days. So I'm all ready to crash. I hope the apps do hold up, This is really living on the edge.

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Morning has broken

Category : Commentary/MorningHasBroken.txt

The sun's up and I've readied all three applications - MailServe, DNS Enabler and WebMon - for testing. Found a bug with DNS Enabler for the Bonjour setup panel and managed to fix that.

I've created new web pages for DNS Enabler for Leopard, and WebMon for Leopard. Only one more to go - the documentation for MailServe for Leopard.

I don't think I'm ever going to see the AppleStore delivery for Leopard this weekend. There were no apologies, and no phone calls for status updates. What's the chance the delivery guys will work over the weekend?

I think I'll drop by a physical store when they open in a few hours and get a copy. If the testing goes well, I might be able to do a release by the end of today, the 27th, my time, in about 16 hours.

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Services running on this server, a Mac Mini running Mac OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks:

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  • BIND DNS Server
  • DNS Agent
  • WebDAV Server
  • VPN Server
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  • PostgreSQL database

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