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Thu 10 Jan 2008

Things to Do

Category : Commentary/ThingsToDo_Leopard.txt

I've just gone through my lists of things to do for each of my application - MailServe, DNS Enabler, and all - and updated them with the feature requests I've received since Leopard shipped.

I started compiling these lists since before Leopard shipped but it was a hard task already just recovering every feature that used to work in Tiger and making sure they continue to work in Leopard that I needed to leave out work on the new features for the moment.

Even then I left one thing out in MailServe for Leopard - the managing of the mail queue - and the users weren't slow to let me know.

And I knew I was going to have to allocate energy for this big move to our new place in December.

So that's all done and out of the way and so I hope to be able to move on quickly to those unfinished business.

Now that I've got my books surrounding me, or at least the books I don't want to sell or give away, I feel I could stay in this room the whole day just working on things.

I don't believe in Feng Shui, I find the so-called Feng Shui masters accompanying property buyers and prospective tenants to be rather unsavoury characters, but I believe there is a feel or aura attached to each place, and it's important to test that feel against the conventional logic of a property acquisition - weighing location, costs, convenience, etc. Some places you feel immediately at home with, some places never.

I'll try to put up the To-Do Lists soon so people can make suggestions to add to them.

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