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Wed 06 Feb 2008

Luca and Maven Updated

Category : Technology/LucaAndMavenUpdates.txt

I've updated Luca and Maven to fix a couple of bugs.

In Luca, I had a problem exporting SQLite3 databases to MySQL5 when the decimal numbers were greater than 10,000,000, or some such large number. I made an error defining the size of my decmal numbers in MySQL5.

This has been fixed in Luca, and also in Maven.

Maven also had a problem deleting a MySQL5 database. It's due to just one line of code where I referred to MySQL5 as MySQL where I had referred to it everywhere else as MySQL5. Such is the lot of a programmer. A miss is as good as a mile, as people used to say, years and years ago.

Thanks to Hai Hwee, who did all the work tracing my bugs, and to Rio from Indonesia, who has unearthed quite a lot of them by now.

Luca is now at 2.6.2 and Maven 0.5.2.

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