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Tue 16 Sep 2008

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.5 Update

Category : Commentary/Leopard10dot5dot5.txt

I've updated all my Macs to the new 10.5.5 Software Update. I've done the usual tests - Postfix, Fetchmail, UW/IMAP, Dovecot, and the web and DNS server - they all continue to work as before.

I had a jolt early this morning when I had an email about Dovecot refusing to start up for one MailServe Pro user after he had applied the 10.5.5 update. But a restart seemed to have fixed that, and all now seems well in MacLand.

Hope I hadn't spoken too soon.

It's the responsibility. Imagine a Software Update, and Dovecot or UW/IMAP or Fetchmail, all or singly, refusing to start up. And I can't find the answer. Can't make it work again. With 12,000 users (or at least those that paid) bearing down on the thin edge. What jolly good fun. I must have a death wish.

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