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Mon 21 Mar 2011

More Speed

Category : Technology/MoreSpeed.txt

I'll be upgrading my broadband line to 15 mbps on Friday. I'm currently on 10 mbps but I'm only getting about 6 mbps when doing the speedtest. So I thought I'd better find out where the bottleneck is, otherwise I'll never get the 15 mbps that I would be paying for.

Turns out it's the broadband modem.

I've been using an old one from Efficient Networks, called the SpeedStream. I replaced it today with the Aztech DSL1000ER and I get the 10 mbps now.

So why did I live with this limitation for so long now? It's mainly because bridge modems as so hard to find.

I hate the PC-centric modem-cum-wireless-router (plus the kitchen sink) ones like the 2Wire, etc, because they're so hard to configure. It's all so easy with the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. So I always need only a dumb bridge modem, where the configuration is all done on the AEBS.

So I found the Aztech. It's true plug-and-play, straight out-of-the-box, with the AEBS, no configuration required on the modem. Actually the DSL1000E model is good enough. But I could only get the DSL1000ER in Singapore, which I purchased from the Singtel Helllo store.

P.S.: If you've been coming here the last few days and found the site down intermittently, this was why. I've been experimenting with a whole lot of modems.

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Preparing for Lion

Category : Technology/lion.txt

I bought a new 15 inch MacBook Pro - the one with the Thunderbolt port - to run the developers' preview of Lion, the next version of Mac OS X, and then realised that Lion wouldn't (yet) run on it, probably because it's so new.

So I created two other partitions of my iMac, which is the machine I've been doing all my development work on - and so I've got one partition to run Lion, and the other to run Lion Server.

So we'll see, what I've got to do with all my apps on Lion.

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