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Mon 02 Apr 2012

Mountain Lion MacBook Pro

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I've been running Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro for a week now. I've managed to get almost all my apps re-compiled to run on Mountain Lion (with the inevitable mountain of compile errors out of the way by now), and I'm now ready to make improvements to each of the apps.

Problems remain, of course. There's no Fetchmail in Mountain Lion! Not yet, or not anymore, I can't tell. The mail logging seems to have disappeared. And I've still got to take out the deprecated AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges calls and replace them with SMJobBless. But so far, it's going well and I'm enjoying the experience.

If there are people reading this who have in mind new features that they'd like to see supported, this is the time to write to me.

For example, I've learnt that there is a type of SSL cert that allows you to enable SSL support for all the domains hosted on a single IP address (and not just for the primary domain). It's called a UCC/SAN cert. I've just read through the documentation. I think I can make WebMon support this and so I'll work on it.

Also, besides moving the "Enabler" apps to Mountan Lion, I'd like to bring Luca to the iPad.

So, lots of work for the next few months till the end of the year.

The thing about working on an Apple platform is that you got to be ready to throw out the old and get on with the new. Things change all the time, at great speed, and you've got to be agile enough to adjust. You can do great things, still, with this platform, although not all of which can be made into apps that you're allowed to sell on the Mac App Store. But this remains a stellar software development platform. I'm still happy to be a Mac app developer. There's (still) nothing better.

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