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Thu 09 Aug 2012

Apple Must Share?

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Samsung’s 2010 Report Says its Galaxy Would Be Better If it Were Just More Like the iPhone.

Actually this is all pretty depressing. 

How can Samsung not have been copying Apple, with "slavishly" being a most appropriate word to describe all that? 

But I think Apple could still lose, the way they lost the last one with Microsoft. 

Because it's Apple against the whole of human nature. It reminds me of the scene in that Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged, when the protagonist Hank Rearden succeeded in developing a high grade metal that could be used, among other things, to build good strong railway tracks. One would have thought the rail company would be excited but, no, it organised a consortium of his antagonists, the other metallurgy companies, to deprive him of the fruits of this success and, not coincidentally, the power that could fall to him, though honestly earned. How? By claiming that his invention is so good, so important to the good of mankind, that it has to be shared. 

Sounds familiar? Google actually made that same argument about Apple rather recently.

So, read the comments that accompany such articles. All the Android (and ex-Microsoft) techies are praying for Apple to lose.

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Liya 2.0.7, finally released on the Mac App Store

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Liya 2.0.7 is finally available from the Mac App Store

It's almost three weeks since I submitted it for review (and three weeks since I made 2.0.7 available on my own web site). So it shows the perils for a developer depending solely on the App Store mechanism for distribution to end users.

I believe the way forward is to still concentrate on building the quality of the software offering that I make available on my own web site.

If I build it (well), experience tells me the users will come.

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