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Thu 30 Aug 2012

MySQL & MariaDB - Stuck

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I've finished the Pref Panes and updated all my database installers so that the user can set up alternate port numbers for each of these databases to use. And all should be fine, so I can test and then release them.

And then I fnd that I'm stuck.

MariaDB tries so hard to be a "drop-in" replacement for MySQL that it also uses the same Unix sockets - /tmp/mysql.sock.

So I'm trying to get MariaDB to start off /tmp/mariadb.sock, say, for localhost connections, which seems to work, i.e., in the sense that MariaDB now listens to connections coming through /tmp/mariadb.sock. By using a custom my.cnf, that I get MariaDB to read its custom configuration parameters from, I can also get MariaDB to listen to port 33306, say, for incoming TCP connections.

So far, so good.

Now, I just need to get MariaDB's mysql command line program to know that the ports have now been changed from the defaults. 

/usr/local/mariadb/bin/mysql goes back to /tmp/mysql.sock when it attempts a database connection. So, MariaDB's own mysql client continues to talk to the existing MySQL installation, rather than to MariaDB. There's where I am stuck.

How to break this?

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