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Mon 28 Apr 2003

Black Out, Power Off

Category : Commentary/poweroff.txt

Had a power failure at the office, where this server is kept. So we switched the server's domain name address to point to my iBook at my home, which contains an exact mirror of the server's contents. Total time to switch the mail and web servers to make them run off the iBoook - less than 10 minutes.

We ran the servers off the iBook for a while until we found that the power had come back on at the office, at which point we switched back over.

It's not rocket science, yet it has tremendous power in its simplicity of execution. It's hard to explain but if you've done this yourself, you will know. Is this why IT managers hate the Mac? It makes what they think of as their job way too simple.

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VPN Enabler for Mavericks

MailServe for Mavericks

DNS Enabler for Mavericks

DNS Agent for Mavericks

WebMon for Mavericks

Luca for Mavericks

Liya for Mountain Lion & Mavericks

Postfix Enabler for Tiger and Panther

Sendmail Enabler for Jaguar

Services running on this server, a Mac Mini running Mac OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks:

  • Apache 2 Web Server
  • Postfix Mail Server
  • Dovecot IMAP Server
  • Fetchmail
  • SpamBayes Spam Filter
  • Procmail
  • BIND DNS Server
  • DNS Agent
  • WebDAV Server
  • VPN Server
  • PHP-based weblog
  • MySQL database
  • PostgreSQL database

all set up using MailServe, WebMon, DNS Enabler, DNS Agent, VPN Enabler, Liya and our SQL installers, all on Mavericks.