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Tue 08 Sep 2009

A Word about 10.6.1 - FTP

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I've updated both my MacBook Pro and my live server, a new iMac, to the developer's release of 10.6.1. While the mail, web and dns functions continue to work, FTP didn't and I wasn't able to update my site from my MBP.

So that was a pain (literally) as I'm down with chickenpox (at my age!) and I need to hide in my room so as not infect my wife (who isn't sure whether she's got it before) and my kid (who so looked forward to this one-week holiday that it'll pain me to have to spoil it all for him if he comes down with it, too).

So after having tried everything, I downgraded my MBP back to 10.6. Guess what? FTP works again. I can make it FTP to itself. So, this lunch time, while my wife and kid were away, I went into our shared work-room and down-graded the live server back to 10.6.

How I missed our bright, sun-lit work-room, where we each have our own corner and a Mac, or two? It's one of life's simple pleasures.

Now I can FTP to the server from my private jail (room), and think about how I can make revisions to this site (One of the things I really want to do is to update the pictures - my kid's a lot bigger now than he was in the picture on the right).

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