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Mon 03 Jul 2006

Bonjour Error in 10.4.7

Category : Technology/BonjourError.txt

This snippet from my Terminal session shows when the Bonjour error occurs, when I try to restart Fetchmail :

The problem is at the "launchctl" line, which launches the Fetchmail launchdaemon (which is also used to launch the BIND launchdaemon and that's why DNS Enabler is also affected).

The launchctl command executes and returns quickly, as it is expected to, but after that we get the "Workaround Bonjour: Unknown error: 0" line, which hangs indefinitely until both MailServe and Enabler give up and return control to the user. In both cases, Fetchmail and DNS services are launched correctly, but the user thinks that the system hangs because the progress indicator spins for a very long time before control is returned to the user.

So the question is : why did this Bonjour thing appear in 10.4.7 and how do we get rid of it?

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