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Fri 21 Feb 2003

OSX Browser Compatibility with Banks - Good Times Ahead With Safari?

Category : Technology/BrowserCompat.txt

For connecting to a bank, Netscape 7.01 and Mozilla 1.2 onwards are currently the only alternatives available for people on OSX. Other browsers, like OmniWeb, Opera and iCab, have very weak support for Javascript and lack that most important piece of software, the bridge between Javascript and the Java applets the banks use to ensure security, called LiveConnect, a technology derived from Netscape.

But Safari is proving most compliant in terms of Javascript compatibility. See report - "Javascript in Mac Browsers". Apple has seeded Java 1.4.1 to developers. There is cause to hope that the second part of the equation - LiveConnect support - may be solved. Then we can ditch everything else except Safari, if we want to.

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