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Sun 05 Feb 2006

DNS Enabler Universal 2.0.5

Category : Technology/DNSEnabler205.txt

I found a stupid bug in the first Universal Binary release of DNS Enabler, version 2.0.4. It was introduced by the Forwarders field. It's stupid because, if the Forwarders field is empty, then the name server will refuse to start up.

Programming needs a lot of commitment. To do it well, you cannot do it half-heartedly. Even with all the best intention in the world, these types of bugs can still trip you up. When you put things in, you need to check if things will still work when you take them out. Neglect even one step and it'll all come back to haunt you.

That reminds me of why we couldn't grow the company, a few years back, when the jobs were all coming in. We couldn't find enough good people. How do you get them to care the same way you do?

That's how it all started - this journey to understand how we can ever build a business that will work (perfectly) even when we, the owners, are not there to do every single piece of the work. This looks like it's going to take a bit more time to solve.

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