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Mon 20 Dec 2004

Java on OS X Course @ Apple Singapore

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We're setting up the equipment for tomorrow's Java on Mac OS X course at Apple Singapore. About 17 to 20 people are expected to come (and sit under the gaze of Einstein, Picasso, Gandhi, and company).

As with all the other sessions we've done at Apple Singapore, we get a wide assortment of Macs to try our stuff on - there're a couple of new PowerMac G5s with the liquid cooling system, the new iMac G5, and the new LCD displays.

This is what we hope to cover : Java from the OS X Command Line, Java with Cocoa, and Java on the Web.

The idea is to show how Java is implemented on the Mac, and how we can be productive re-using our code across all three interfaces.

And the sample code we're using as the basis of the exercises is not a toy. It's a complete Cocoa application in miniature - with check boxes, radio buttons, pop-up-menus, sheets, drawers, tables, data source, notification, and handling double-clicks on a table, multiple windows, and accessing a JDBC-compliant database - all callable from Java. Raw material to build a wide range of Cocoa applications from.

While building Cocoa applications with Objective-C feels more natural, is smoother, and is a lot more fun, lots of people have code in Java. And it makes a nice continuum being able to deliver enterprise-scale applications across the web and on the desktop, using a wide range of relational databases, including Oracle and MySQL.

Java is important for the Mac in the enterprise. But what will tomorrow bring?

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