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Thu 28 Jun 2007

Building MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite-based Applications - Some Sample Code

Category : Technology/MavenDBSourceCode.txt

I've done up an example project to show how a Cocoa Objective-C application can access all three database systems in a simple, uniform, consistent way.

It's meant to show how we can already do quite useful things with the databases we create using Maven, with just a few lines of code.

I have a lot more code, of course, that I've used to create Maven and Luca. So I'm seeing how, as I go along, I can expose more of the database access API's that I've been using, and possibly open-source those framework code as well.

I've taken a different approach from using Apple's Core Data. I believe database access is too important to be constrained using a black-box approach. There's a need for control - where you need to know exactly what is going on in the interface between the user and the database. And yet there's a need for simplicity - where you want to be able to grab at the data and do useful things with it, fast. I believe there's way to marry both objectives. Hence I've created these database access frameworks. You get access to PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. And you can get at them across the network. Today. No need to wait for Core Data to implement these.

The Cocoa project (containing the sample code and the database access frameworks) is available on the Maven page.

Incidentally, I'm using Maven to try out new ideas on how to lay out and present my documentation pages. It's getting harder to do all these on a single web page, as I have been doing them for Postfix Enabler, DNS Enabler, etc.

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