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Mon 02 May 2011

Some preliminary thoughts on OS X Lion Development

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I've prepared one machine to run OS X Lion on one partition and Lion Server on another, so I should be all set to go to move all my apps over to Lion.

But it's not quite as easy as that.

First, all Lion development is done on the new version 4 of Xcode, which brings about significant changes to the way things used to be done. So far, I'm loving the new software development workflow in Xcode 4. After one month of work, I believe I'm really more productive on it than on Xcode 3.


But it's not all good, of course. Things inevitably break - e.g., my database access frameworks for MySQL, Postgres and SQLite. I needed some time to get used to the new Xcode build settings before I could figure out how to get them working again, including building for iPhone and iPad which are, of course, on another platform architecture altogether (i.e., Arm 6 and 7, as opposed to Intel x386, 32 or 64 bit). There are all these variations to build fat binaries for, and every time Apple changes something major like this, I go through this sinking feeling that I may never get things to work again.

Then there's this thing about FTP not being supported in Lion, i.e., you can't seem to be able to ftp onto a Lion server. There's no obvious way to turn it on - not in Sharing Preferences or even in Lion Server (I think).

I've been using this decade-old Adobe GoLive technology to manage my web site's static web pages, so this seems like the end of the road for it. I don't want to use any Adobe stuff when I move to Lion (or Microsoft stuff, for that matter). 

So I've been building this GoLive/DreamWeaver replacement for myself, that I'm now using to write this weblog on (among the things I've made it able to do), and that'll be my key web site creation/management tool in Lion.

More on all these developmen later. But, in summary, I've got the piececs I need to move on to Lion development in earnest now. Hope I won't be too late for its launch.

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