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Fri 17 Aug 2012

PostgreSQL Installer for Mountain Lion

Category : Technology/PostgresInstallerForMLProgress.txt

My PostgreSQL Installer doesn't work on Mountain Lion. I've worked two weeks to find out that the problem is caused by a security measure taken by Apple to quarantine an object that it thinks has been downloaded from the Internet.

Let's say my friend, Hai Hwee, sends me the working files for the Postgres installer over the web. I open one of the scripts using TextEdit. Now, if I make a change to the script, TextEdit will most helpfully (not!) mark that script as quarantined, so it will refuse to run if executed from the Unix command line. But it does this marking most surreptitiously, as an extended file attribute, so you can't find anything amiss just by looking at the file or even listing it in Terminal.

That's what's causing my Postgres installer to fail in Mountain Lion. The installer couldn't run one script in the package - because it had been quarantined after being edited in TextEdit. 

Somehow, only TextEdit does that. TextWrangler doesn't. I wanted to remove TextEdit totally from my Mac, but I can't. The Mac says "it's needed by OS X".

So, I might as well work on a new version of the Installer. It'll include the very latest version of PostgreSQL.

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