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Fri 10 Mar 2006

UW/IMAP and POP Universal Binaries

Category : Technology/UB_UW_IMAP_POP.txt

I'm trying to get Universal Binary versions of UW/IMAP and POP built, or at least Hai Hwee is helping me get these built. She's already far ahead of me on the command line, having built Universal Binary versions of her SQLite and, now, MySQL data connectivity frameworks.

I think she's almost there. Wonder if it's going to make much of a difference in terms of the performance of the POP and IMAP function? The current PPC-compiled binaries already work pretty OK on the Intel iMac. So, we're doing it just to be complete. (We're masochists, aren't we?)

With Hai Hwee's MySQL framework, Luca can now connect to MySQL again. We used to be able to do this when Luca was written in Java, using JDBC connectors, but we lost the functionality when we moved to Objective-C. But, writing her own Obj-C framework for SQLite gave Hai Hwee the confidence to build one for MySQL. Now that this is done, Luca can store data in MySQL databases again. Maybe one day, we'll have the time to do one for Postgresql, too.

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