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Fri 01 Jul 2005

Release Early, Release Often

Category : Technology/WebMon1010.txt

This is the mantra of business at the speed of the Internet.

Here's WebMon 1.0.10. I'm really using all these stuff myself. I've now added the ability to show Page Views rather than page hits. It'll ignore hits on items with the following extensions : "jpg, gif, css, png, js". But you can change or add to these in the Preferences Panel.

Turns out to be not too bad. It's better to log everything coming in, so you don't lose the ability to zoom into the little things. Then you can use the search functions to control the granularity with which you study the web server activity.

I've also added a Tab Delimited option to the Export function. Double-click on the exported file and it'll launch Excel.

And the Show/Hide Column Menu and Search Menu keep in sync with the order in which you re-arrange your table columns, no matter how often you switch them around.

This is so fun to do from a programming point of view. I'm just getting Cocoa to flex some muscles. With tools like these you can really build a lot of good stuff.

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