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Thu 13 Nov 2003

Postfix Enabler 1.0.4

Category : Technology/postfixenabler104.txt

I've got a version of Postfix Enabler with POP and IMAP (with SSL) support built-in. If anyone wants to test it, just write to me. I've also written to the University of Washington for permission to bundle the ipop3d and imapd binaries and they've said they've got no problems with that, so long as I point people to the disclaimers in the UW Free-Fork license, which I'm trying to work into the Postfix Enabler interface. But, if you're going to use this un-released version of Postfix Enabler, please read the UW-IMAP license on :

Further information on the free-fork license :

I've no doubt that the qpopper license works the same way. So when someone asked, "Aren't you violating qpopper's license agreements by distributing the popper binary in a shareware package?", I think I can now answer, no, quite truthfully. I had a lot of problems with that "violating" word, but you learn something new everyday.

PS : If this works, I may be inclined to include a button that the user can click to create the SSL cert, if that's possible to do. (Also, to put in a button that will solve that stupid bug that's still in Apple's eFax solution so that the PDF file containing the fax image will appear correctly in I've applied a patch and the Panther shared fax solution works really great now. It's got nothing to do with Postfix, but why not throw in the kitchen sink?)

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