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Wed 16 Apr 2003

Safari with Tabs

Category : Technology/safari.txt

It's amazing how a single improvement to Safari can contribute to so much increase in productivity. With tabs, my desktop has certainly stopped being cluttered up with windows that I've launched that I couldn't wait for the pages to load. I've stopped having to look for the page I was reading just to bring it to the front again.

If you're doing some writing and need to make references to several other web pages, you can put all the related pages in separate tabs on one window, in order to make it easier to copy the links later.

Finally, the rendering of Safari web pages seem to be getting closer to those rendered by Explorer (at least on the Mac). This is important for web designers because it may make it possible to use just Safari to test the look of the pages, while remaining reasonably confident that the pages will look OK on other systems. (Developers are firmly behind Apple when they say they want Safari to be the most standards-compliant of the browsers).

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