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Thu 07 Aug 2003

Category : Technology/

I'd like to say a thank you to Jeremy Mates. His notes, plus the hefty sendmail "bat" book from O'Reilly, have been my constant companions these last few days. If people ever do get a one-click Sendmail Enabler with SMTP-AUTH plus STARTTLS, you know where the good stuff came from.

Why not write directly? Now, from my own experience, you get tons of mail when you put up stuff like these - things that border on the arcane. Some of the questions come from so far out, it frightens me the number of cycles I've got to use to process it. If I've read the queries and comments following the James Duncan Davidson article at MacDevCenter, I may never have dared put this up on versiontracker. I wrote to Duncan Davidson just to thank him. I never got a reply and I don't blame him. After countless such messages about problems running sendmail, I don't blame anyone for running for the hills. Talk about DontBlameSendmail.

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